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Sealcoating in Newark, NJ

When you are investing in asphalt paving services, it is important to protect your investment with sealcoating. A simple sealcoat application will save your asphalt from damage and wearing. Mid Jersey Paving comes with benefits for people living in all types of climates. Our licensed and insured professionals will help you select the right sealcoating for your asphalt and apply it based on industry standards. We have worked with commercial and residential clients that all want to preserve their investment.

As a locally owned business, we understand the value of paying a fair price for any service, including seal coat application. Our owner is on-site for every project and sealcoat application in Newark, NJ.

Types of Sealcoat Application

Our licensed and insured professionals are familiar with every major type of sealcoating application. All sealcoating is made to keep your asphalt from breaking down. Some of the types of sealcoating you can use for your application include:

 Coal-Tar: Oil and Fuel Resistant, Matches Dark Color of Asphalt
 High-Float Asphalt Emulsions: Able to Withstand Cold Weather Conditions
 Asphalt Emulsions: Able to Resist Cracking and Aging
 Sand: Thick Coatings Protect from Cracks
 Pavement Dressing: Good for Smoothing Smaller Surfaces
 Acrylic: Long-Lasting and Cost Effective

Parking Lot that was Sealcoated in Newark, NJ

Benefits of Professional Sealcoating from Our Paving Company

If you are investing in asphalt, it is important to finish the job with sealcoat application. For everything from parking lots to roadways, sealcoat application protects asphalt. Some of the benefits to professional sealcoating include increased resistance to:

UV Rays
Oil and Gasoline
Chemical Wear
Harsh Weather Conditions
Snow and Ice Melting
Heavy Traffic
Dents and Potholes

Sealcoat Application Technology Constantly Develops

There are regular technology developments in sealcoating products and application processes. Our team members stay educated concerning new types of professional sealcoating so we can pass along these innovations to our clients. If there is a specific type of sealcoating you want to use, one of our professionals will verify if it can be used for your project. Several factors we consider include the size of the project, the type of asphalt used, and the amount of traffic on your paved roads.

Contact us today to get your free estimate for sealcoating to protect your investment! We are proud to serve clients in Newark, Morristown, and Jersey City, NJ!