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Parking Lots

Asphalt Parking Lot in Newark, NJ

The exterior of your building says a lot about your company, especially if you have customers coming and going throughout the day. Your first impression to clients is the exterior of your building and your parking lot. Mid Jersey Paving offers asphalt paving that increases the ease of use of the parking lot and makes it a stronger surface for customer use. Years of neglect, wear and tear, and weather conditions contribute to the decay and aging of your asphalt. Whether you have new construction or simply want to renovate your lot, our licensed and insured professionals can create your asphalt parking lot in Newark, NJ, and the surrounding areas.

New Asphalt Parking Lot in Newark, NJ

Parking Lot Construction According to Your Schedule

When a client hires us for parking lot construction, we work on a schedule that suits their needs. We consider factors like the size of the project, the time of day and dates that work for the project, and more. As a locally owned and operated business, our team understands the importance of never losing valuable time you can be using to run your business. Everything from preparation of the surface to pouring the asphalt is taken care of by our team. Some of the steps of parking lot construction include:

Determining the Perimeter and Needed Asphalt Depth
Selecting the Right Type of Asphalt Based on Design Considerations
Looking for Any Construction Issues with Drains and Pipes
Grading the Surface for Drainage
Replacement of Tubing and Drains if Needed
Laying the Base
Pouring the Asphalt
Designating a Fair Dry Time Without Compromising the Integrity of the Asphalt
 Seal Coating
Painting Lines in the Parking Lot Based on Previously Agreed Upon Specifications

Your parking lot construction is also overseen by our company's owner. It is important for us to provide customers with the quality they deserve through constant assessment of each step of the creation of your asphalt lot. Your finished project will be completed according to your schedule and with no corners being cut.

Free Estimates for Asphalt Lot Paving

By taking a step back and seeing your business with fresh eyes, you may see minor flaws to the exterior of your building that can be updated. A transformative and extremely valuable update is parking lot construction. Our licensed and insured professionals offer free estimates for your asphalt lot paving based on several factors, such as material and size of the project. Responsible business owners understand that ease of access can significantly increase the foot and car traffic that approaches your business. Your first impression on a potential customer might easily be the reason they select or drive by your building.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment for parking lot construction from our professionals! We are proud to serve clients in Newark, Montclair, and East Orange, NJ.