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Line Painting

Line Painting in Asphalt, NJ

Whether you have completed a large construction project or you simply need to redo your existing paint job, our paving company offers line painting. Mid Jersey Painting is a locally owned and operated business with an owner that visits every job site. We have experience with projects of all types, including walkways, bike lanes, and more.

If you need to convey official information to users of your paved surfaces, it is important to choose the professionals for line painting in Newark, NJ.

Parking Lot with New Painted Lines in Newark, NJ

Asphalt Line Painting with Specialized Paints

When it comes to asphalt line painting, it is important to turn to a team of experts with the knowledge and experience to select the right paint for the situation. We use both reflective and non-reflective paints depending on the use for the paved area. Busy highways in New Jersey need different types of paint than a medical office parking lot. A parking lot doesn't need reflective paint or have as many specifications as roadways, but it is still important for drivers to see handicapped spaces, crosswalks, and more. Some of the factors that influence the selection of the right line paint include:

Weather Conditions
Volume of Traffic
Type of Traffic
Light Exposure
Motor Oil and Gasoline Exposure
Humidity Balance
Amount of Rain and Ice

Lane Striping for All Types of Asphalt Surfaces

If you work for a construction company and need a reliable team of professionals with the tools to complete lane striping, our team will do so at a fair price. We have experience and tools to properly complete lane striping for highways and roads of all types. Traffic line painting we have completed include:

Solid Center
Broken Center
Median Painting
Turn Lanes
Bike Lanes
HOV Lanes
Stop Signs and Lines
Hatch Marks
Give Way Triangles
Boundary Chevron
Lane Reduction Marks
Double White
Directional Arrows
Road Lane Words
Bus Lanes

Prevent Traffic Problems with Parking Lot Striping

Not only does proper parking lot striping have a functional purpose, it also keeps the exterior of your business looking sharp and well maintained. Busy shopping centers need to designate spaces with parking lot striping without the liability of any incidents caused from crashes or accidents. Correct asphalt striping will transform your parking lot and can potentially increase your useable space. In addition, companies with public access need to designate handicapped spaces for clients.