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Asphalt Driveway in Newark, NJ

More and more home and business owners are turning to asphalt as a material for their driveways instead of the more traditional option of concrete. Asphalt is a strong, easy to maintain material used for most roads and parking lots. Mid Jersey Paving is dedicated to affordable and well-made projects that include building a new asphalt driveway for you. Our locally owned business is run by our hands-on owner who is present at every job site. Experience the advantages of a new asphalt driveway in Newark, NJ.

Benefits of Asphalt Driveway Construction

When you drive around your town, it is common to notice where the roads are smooth and where the potholes are. You can have that smoothness and durability of a brand new road when you choose asphalt for your new driveway. Our licensed and insured professionals complete projects for new construction or reconstruction. There are many benefits to asphalt driveway construction, including:

Easy to Maintain
Ability to Withstand Harsh Weather Including Ice and Snow Storms
No Joints Required to Decrease Tension in Builds like Concrete
Smooth Surface
Less Wear to Your Vehicle's Tires
Sealing Protects the Material from Decay and Wear
Environmentally-Friendly Material that Allows Water to Reach the Soil
Recyclable and Reusable Material
Asphalt Patching is an Easy Option When Cracking Occurs

Steamroller Finishing a Asphalt Driveway in Newark, NJ

Asphalt Driveways Take Less Time to Dry Than Concrete

Whether you have a small driveway to pave in the front of your townhouse or you have an expansive driveway that winds up a hill, our professionals can handle the project appropriately. An asphalt driveway is considered an upgrade by many homeowners because it is a uniform color that flows from the road to your home.

When you select asphalt, no matter the length of the driveway, the drying time is considerably lower for asphalt driveway construction that concrete. Allow our professionals to improve the appearance of your home with a new asphalt driveway that is affordable and lasts.

Contact us today to get your free estimate for asphalt driveway construction from our professionals! We are proud to serve clients in Newark, Clifton, and Morristown, NJ!