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Commercial Paving in Newark, NJ

Builders and developers with large projects often reach out to our team of professionals for their commercial paving projects. Mid Jersey Paving is a paving company with the experience to complete even the largest projects. Everything from large shopping centers to factories needs to be accessible for clients, employees, and potential customers. Because we regularly work with businesses that depend on staying open during the day, our pavers work according to your schedule. Our locally-owned and operated company knows it is important to keep your business running, even during commercial paving in Newark, NJ.

Steamroller Laying out Asphalt for Commercial Paving in Newark, NJ

Our locally owned business is operated by an owner who takes an active part in the business. You can expect the owner to be on every job site, and the work crews leave every job site clean. Transform your roadways, parking lots, and driveways with the help of our paving company in Newark, NJ.

Commercial Asphalt Pouring for Every Type of Project

No matter what type of business you have, it is important to make your business approachable for potential clients. Whether you need protection for roads owned by the county or you simply want to upgrade your golf cart path, the correct type of commercial paving will make a difference. This long-lasting material makes your business more accessible while eliminating many safety concerns about improper access. We have worked with clients needing commercial asphalt paving including:

 Parking Lots
 Driveway Construction
 Roadway Paving
 Sealcoat Application
 Asphalt Line Painting
 Asphalt Repair and Patching

Various Options for Commercial Asphalt Paving

More and more people are choosing to use asphalt for sidewalks, pathways, and even driveways. If you want to move on from concrete and toward long-lasting and affordable asphalt, our professionals will help you make the upgrade. Some of the companies and businesses we have worked with include:

Retail Centers
Business Parks
 Government Buildings
Sports Companies
Factories and Warehouses
Community Organizations
Retail Stores
Medical Offices
Developers and Contractors
Grocery Stores
Distribution Centers

Commercial Asphalt Paving Needs Protection & Painting

Instead of dealing with several companies concerning your paving project, you can work with our team that follows through with every commercial asphalt project. The correct application of lines, whether it is for a parking lot or roadway designations, can mean the different between a safe or dangerous area. Coating your new asphalt protects it from oils, harsh weather, and general wear and tear. Limit your liability for accidents with commercial asphalt line painting and protect your investment with sealcoating.

Contact us today to get your free estimate for roadway paving from our professionals! We are proud to serve clients in Newark, Warren, and Jersey City, New Jersey!